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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Upgrade parts kit ACC 004 HD
$84.00 / pair each

(see photos below)

Most older EPI and Epicure speakers have a serious weak link in their implementation - despite using excellent purpose-designed drivers:

The ACC 004 HD is a complete set of parts, exactly like I use to rebuild the original terminal cup on these speakers. As long as you are comfortable with this level of "DIY" - there is some minor soldering involved along with careful planning - it will save you the hassle of sending me your Epicure 20 or 20+ metal terminal cups to rebuild.

It includes:

Here is what you are going to receive from me:

ACC 004 HD - parts to rebuild the crossover assembly for Epicure 20 or 20+

And this is approximately what you will be building:

ACC 004 H - Rebuilt, improved backplate assembly for Epicure 20or 20+

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