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Energy Speaker Repairs

The Energy 22 was a consummate design effort by WInslow Burhoe of EPI and Epicure fame, for Audio Products International.

It featured a relatively small diameter woofer, and a tweeter designed to handle a 1500 Hz, 18 dB/octave crossover.

The crossover diagram is below, and pretty much all I had to do to create it from the Genesis 44 crossover schematic - another, later design of Winslow's - was change a couple of values slightly to make it look just like the schematics provided by API.

Winslow has little interest in designing rock concert hall speakers - his "primary" designs have always sought to spread a full range of frequencies out into a room so the speaker "disappears", while being able to play at any reasonable sound pressure levels. In my interpretation, this means as loud as a full orchestra (sans cannons!) when seated in the twentieth row.

This level will do any rock or pop music full justice in terms of letting you hear every tiny bit of the music clearly, but obviously is not going to duplicate concert or nightclub level volumes - which of course lead to permanent hearing damage if you don't wear earplugs anyway.

They are known for sounding very very good, but also for being a little inefficient (about 86 dB/1 watt/1 meter) and having "delicate" tweeters. I don't think they are particularly delicate, per se, but a low crossover frequency combined with low efficiency can easily lead to overdriving the system, gradually cooking the Ferrofluid in the tweeter and reducing its cooling ability, until one day, "normal" usage kills it off.

Where I Come In

It is my goal to create a version of my tweeter which can be used in the Energy 22.

My tweeter is a refinement of a tweeter Winslow invented prior to the Energy project, which was used in millions of speaker systems. The aluminum dome I use further reduces distortion and extends the frequency response. The concave dome provides amazingly good dispersion, for a lifelike soundstage and imaging.

All I need to be ready to offer it as a product is some borrowed 22s to fine tune the results. It is quite likely I will need to alter the crossover slightly, which I hope I can do in a "plug and play" fashion. I also, of course, need to make sure my upgrade/replacement tweeter is an exact fit in the Energy 22 cabinets.

Energy 22 crossover:

Energy 22 Crossover Schematic

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