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1987 - 2017: Thirtieth Anniversary!
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Replacement part number PRO 002 ME1
$54.00 each

Several original EPI and Epicure tweeters:

the original 1224 1205 2555

If you have a problem with one of the first three tweeters shown above, or just want to upgrade them, you can return your old tweeters and I will rebuild them, as shown here, for varying prices.

However, if you just want to install the best possible new tweeters in your speakers, the PRO 002 ME1 is a drop-in replacement for all four shown.

Likewise, if you do not have the original tweeter to rebuild, or just don't want to go to the trouble of taking down your system and sending them in, this is what you want.

(In the case of the Time/Energy tweeter, far right, replacement is the only option. The tweeter shown is 5" in diameter - I also build the PRO 002 ME4, which is 4 3/8" inches in diameter - please be sure to order the correct one for your speakers.)

(Warning: photo is linked to a very large copy)

This is a tweeter I build from scratch to replace the above tweeters. It will screw right in (with new hole locations in the case of the Masonite faceplate example shown at far left above) and play perfectly with your existing crossover. It will even sound better than the originals.

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