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PRO 002 M
$54.00 each

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This a new (introduced in 2002) version of my aluminum concave dome tweeter. They are smaller and hence easier to install than the larger, square one I have made for years. Their round shape has a more modern appearance and makes for a smaller, more efficient mounting area. And they sound great!

The PRO 002 M is a scant 3.5" in diameter, for mounting in tight spots. I also build a 4" diameter version, among others, which allows a larger sealing and mounting area around the magnet and terminals.

They are designed to be mounted in a 2.6" to 2.75" diameter hole, which has been enlarged on two opposite sides to allow for the terminals. The connections are 0.200" male spade lugs. The faceplate is machined from non-resonant black ABS with an attractive textured front surface. They are drilled for three #6 flat head screws or bolts (not included).

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A: Outer diameter 3 1/2"
B: Hole diameter2 5/8"
B1: Rivet centers2 3/4"
B2: Edge of "ears"3 1/4"
C: Total depth7/8"
D: Magnet diameter2 9/16"
E: Magnet structure height0.7"
F: Mounting circle3" (3)
G: Rabbett depth3/16"
H: Nominal VC diameter0.8"
J: Winding length0.18"
K: Gap height0.12"
Fs 1380 Hz
Re4.2 ohms
Ie72 uH
Qt~ 0.9
Sensitivity90 dB
Power40 w rms

Description - Specifications - Photograph - Other versions - Development

(Warning: photo is linked to a very large copy)

Description (top) - Specifications - Photograph - Other versions - Development

I also build the PRO 002 M2, which has an "easier to mount" 4" diameter face plate. I recommend it for general use, and the PRO 002 M where space is a serious consideration.

There are several other tweeters in the "M" series, originally developed to replace the tweeters in certain EPI models. The magnet structure and specifications are the same as the PRO 002 M. You may find their shapes and sizes useful, so they are also available for your DIY projects.

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1. I built the first pair of prototypes one inspired (or bored?) winter evening. The faceplates were tediously carved from Masonite, by hand, using primitive tools. I used this pair in some refurbished speakers for my bedroom surround system, but not before taking a couple of photographs:

2. Here is a photograph of one built using a pre-production sample faceplate in March 2002:

built with sample, 3/20/02

Description (top) - Specifications - Photograph - Other versions - Development

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