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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Extra part number XTR 009
$3.00 each

I mainly offer this as a supplement to the kits I offer to rebuild older EPI speakers. It is eight 7/8" squares of sticky-back black Velcro-branded hook and loop fasteners, enough for one pair of typical grills. The older model 100, 150, 201, 202, and 250 speakers were built with no way to remove and reattach the grills - they were glued and/or nailed on. (See this article on how to remove them.)

I'm basically selling these at cost - you can get them at building supply and office products stores, but they come in packs of twelve, and hey, you aren't actually there, you are here.

I have made it an "extra" item you have to check off instead of including them with the kits because I know a lot of it is simply being wasted. That is, I am sending it to people whose grills are attached with plastic pegs. This way you only order it if you need it.

For the double-module speakers you will probably need a quantity of two of this item, since each speaker has two grills. But feel free to get as much as you think you'll need.

This is just Velcro, folks. You do not need a photo of it.

But here is my recommended method of installing...

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