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Replacement part number PRO 002 D
$83.00 each

This is a rebuild of the 1" airspring tweeter found in many EPI speakers from the late 70s, characterized by two gold(ish) rings and the EPI logo on a black plastic 5" diameter faceplate.

An original tweeter:


A rebuilt tweeter:

002 D

A new replacement:

The number on the identifying stickers, if yours has one, might be 1224, 1243, or 1257.

This part is a rebuild of your old part, which means you must send it in with your order.

If you don't have the old tweeter(s) to rebuild, I do make a new replacement tweeter.

This tweeter is very prone to breakage in transport - even just moving the speakers around the house. The glue that was used to hold the plastic faceplate to the magnet structure was inappropriate, and caused the plastic to "craze" a bit, weakening the bond. This also exposed some of the glued surface of the magnet structure to air and moisture, encouraging the slow development of rust on the steel surface. As a result, these many years later, even "reasonable" shocks due to handling will usually cause these parts to separate.

A typical pair of tweeters upon receipt for rebuilding

A typical pair of tweeters upon receipt for rebuilding

Thus, the rebuild process usually involves carefully scraping the crazed plastic-and-glue surface down to a clean, flat glueable surface, and likewise scraping the rust and glue residue off the steel part. Then they must be carefully aligned and glued back together using a more appropriate adhesive. Then the basic chassis can be rebuilt into a functional tweeter.

Another pair of flies in the ointment are: one, for some reason, over the solder joint at the terminal, EPI usually added a drop of a black cyanide-based adhesive. Special care must be taken when desoldering this connection to avoid inhaling highly toxic chemicals in the smoke that is released; and, two, the desoldering and resoldering steps heat up the terminals, that are simply riveted to the plastic faceplate, which tends to melt, requiring great care in how much heat is applied and for how long.

I recommend the safer, easier, and cheaper solution, which is to buy and install a pair of the PRO 002 ME1 tweeters in their place, but if you simply must have your vintage gold ring tweeters rebuilt, I can do it.

In any given case, I reserve the right to ship the new replacement tweeters (and return your old ones) for any reason, usually involving unforeseen issues regarding rebuilding them.

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