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EPI & Epicure Speakers:
The EPI LSR-20 radio/cassette player

(note: parts and service are not available through me)


  • Auto Reverse Tape Deck
  • DNR* Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Metal/Chrome Tape EQ Switch
  • Hard Permalloy Tape Head
  • Electronically Tuned PLL Radio
  • Digital Station Frequency Display
  • 12 Station Memory
  • Station Seek and Scan
  • Auto FM Stereo Separation Adjustment
  • Radio Local/Distance Switch
  • Separate Bass and Treble Controls
  • Four Speaker Outputs with Fader
  • Digital Clock
  • Night Illuminated Switches
  • Power Accessory Activation Lead
  • Plug-in Wiring for Easy Installation


Tape Section:
Frequency Response50 Hz to 13k Hz +/- 3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio55 dB with DNR noise reduction*
Wow and Flutter0.20% (WRMS)
Channel SeparationMore than 32 dB
Channel BalanceWithin 3 dB
Tape Speed1 7/8 inches/second +2.0, -0 %
FF/REW TimeLess than 2.5 minutes (C90)
Audio Section:
Power Output16 W/Ch. at 1k Hz into 4 ohms, maximum
8 W/Ch., 50 Hz - 20k Hz, into 4 ohms, < 0.8% THD
Tone Control Range+/- 10 dB at 100 Hz
+/- 10 dB at 10k Hz
FM Section:
Sensitivity3.0 uV/14.7 dBf (-30 dB S/N)
5.0 uV/19.2 dBf (-50 dB S/N)
Frequency Response30 Hz to 15k Hz
Signal to Noise RatioMore than 52 dB
Channel SeparationMore than 30 dB
SelectivityMore than 55 dB
AM Section:
Sensitivity30uV/38 dBf
Signal to Noise RatioMore than 45 dB
Image RejectionMore than 50 dB
Dimensions7" x 1 7/8" x 5 1/2"
Shaft Spacing5 1/8", 5 3/8", 5 5/8", 5 13/16"
Weight3.0 lbs
Brochure Date5/85

* "DNR" is a trademark of National Semiconductor

* * *
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