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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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New Black Screw
$0.25 each

It may seem trivial, but people - people like you - often need new screws when working on their speakers. And the hardware store options are not particularly suited for the job.

Since I buy a few sizes and styles hundreds or even thousands at a time because I am running a speaker factory, it can be much easier to buy them from me in small quantities than to wonder what you are going to do with the other 84 screws you didn't need.

In general we will have discussed what you need or it will be obvious to me, and the screws will fit the parts in question.

They will usually be one of these four or five varieties:

Don't try to buy just a few screws from me, it is not worth either of our trouble. But if you need them along with some parts, etc., they travel free and take very little time to add to a package.

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