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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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PRO 002 ME22
$78.00 each

This is a drop-in, plug and play upgrade/replacement for Energy 22 speakers.

It is a version of my concave aluminum dome tweeter, built on a 5-3/8" diameter faceplate, with three mounting screw holes on 4-5/8" centers.

HUMAN Speakers PRO 002 ME22 tweeter

The connection terminals are the same as the 1/4" male and female quick disconnects on the original tweeters and wiring:

HUMAN Speakers PRO 002 ME22 tweeter rear view

I have been exploring, with a test cabinet and some original parts, whether results will be better with any changes to the crossovers of the various incarnations of the Energy 22. There is also the issue of using the PRO 005 woofer in tandem with it, along with the correct, simpler crossover, essentially making a HUMAN 81+ or 81 DK speaker, and again, whether results will be better with this crossover change (I think at that point they will be).

Initial results are that a pair of these is far, far better than speakers with blown tweeters even with no modifications. That is a mild joke.

In actual use, installed in the speakers as-is, feedback has been positive.

It could be that I and some owners of the speakers will end up with different ideas of how best to accomodate this change/upgrade at the crossover level. That introduces the complexity of addressing each possible level of change - just tweeter, tweeter with altered or replaced crossover, tweeter and woofer, tweeter and woofer with one or both crossover sections altered, woofer, tweeter, and crossover all replaced - and this is over a few different configurations of the speaker. Every combination requires fairly intensive time and effort to evaluate.

At the simplest, this new tweeter works very well in the speaker without modifications.

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