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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Do it Yourself!

History My DIY speaker building experiences
GallerySome images of parts and projects...
Projects:Various uses for HUMAN DIY products:
  Kit/LegacyBased on HUMAN, EPI & Genesis designs
  RefurbishingReclaiming antique speakers
  Auto/In-WallSpeakers in surface mount applications
  Your Own DesignUsing my parts in your concoctions
DriversDescriptions, dimensions, and specifications
OptionsOptions for drivers and kits
PricingPricing for products and projects
WarrantyOne year warranty on raw drivers
OrderingHow to order


Information about building speaker enclosures
  Box PlansOr rather, why I don't provide detailed plans

Located in the "How to" files:
Making GrillsHow to make your own speaker grills
Recloth GrillsPhotographic essay: Covering a speaker grill
Adding BracesInstructions and photos: Cabinet bracing

Located in the "home" menu:
SpecialsDemo and Refurbished Speakers
ContactIf you have further questions

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