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HUMAN Speakers is still building and shipping speakers
during this public health crisis More information.
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COVID-19 Information

Obviously this page is not information about the virus or the illness it causes. It is about HUMAN Speakers and what is happening here during this public health crisis.

First and foremost, I hope you are healthy and doing everything you can to keep yourself and others that way. Please observe all expert recommendations to reduce transmission of the coronavirus.

With that said, and to put it as simply as possible, I am still operating - making speaker parts, and complete speakers, and shipping them out across the US and worldwide.

Local customers: I am minimizing our "contact time" as much as possible. For all drop-offs and pick-ups, mask wearing is strictly required. I sanitize the only object you are likely to touch here, which is the door handle. In some cases we can just interact outside.

More "traditional" interactions, like time spent with both of us poring over your speakers to look at details and issues, are not happening again yet.

The occasional request to audition speakers here is also on hold - probably until June of 2021. We'll see.

Also, I really have no interest in providing "factory tours" in normal times.

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