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HUMAN Speakers is still building and shipping speakers
during this public health crisis More information.
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COVID-19 Information

Obviously this page is not information about the virus or the illness it causes. It is about HUMAN Speakers and what is happening here during this public health crisis.

First and foremost, I hope you are healthy and doing everything you can to keep yourself and others that way. Please observe all government advice and rules to reduce transmission of the coronavirus!

With that said, and to put it as simply as possible, I am still operating - making speaker parts, and complete speakers, and shipping them out across the US and worldwide.

This page is mostly to try to communicate what I am doing to protect my health, and more importantly, yours.

For my own case, I have been in isolation since March 13th - I live and work in the same building, and have no employees. The UPS driver and USPS mail carrier both use their own safeguards to reduce transmission, and of course we maintain safe distancing. I go to the supermarket once a week, and follow all recommended precautions to reduce the chance of transmission there (gloves, mask, distance).

I have not been exposed to anyone who is infected as far as I know, and I remain healthy. That means there is a really good chance that I have not been infected. I am doing everything I can to stay that way and to avoid passing anything along between other people.

To protect your health, the main barrier to infection that we have is time. The virus (virions) cannot remain intact for long without a host. Most of you are at least two or three days away by UPS, and the shipping time acts as a quarantine, allowing any suspected contaminants time to disintegrate.

Upon receipt, I would recommend following the latest guidelines for handling incoming packages.

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