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Speaker Repair Price List

Standard Rates

Nominal diameterRefoamRecone
6.5"$25.00 $48.00
8" (and Small Advent)$30.00 $54.00
10" (and Large Advent)$35.00 $58.00
12"$40.00 $62.00
15"$45.00 $75.00
18"$50.00 $90.00

Other Charges

Shipping$20.00 for special order parts
Labor$60.00 / hour
Labor with travel$800.00 / day (plus expenses)
Testing$15.00 / speaker (deducted from repairs)
Remove and reinstall or replace parts$5.00 / part
Minimum charge$10.00


  • Most high power stage, public address, and musical instrument drivers will cost 20 to 30% more to recone due to high parts costs.

  • "Re-refoaming" - replacing incorrectly installed new foam surrounds - will cost more due to the difficulty of removing fresh foam and unknown, potentially messy glues.

  • Most work is performed within a few days, or if parts must be ordered, within a couple of weeks. "Rush orders" will be subject to two surcharges - one to "jump the line" and one for faster shipping if parts are needed.

  • Shipping for mail orders will vary by weight, size, and your location. Please contact me for an estimate.

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