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New product ready to ship: the HUMAN QT Zero.

Speaker Repair and Service Price List

Nominal diameterRefoamingReconingReconing PA
6.5"$25.00 $48.00
8" (and Small Advent)30.00 54.00
10" (and Large Advent)35.00 58.00
12"40.00 62.00 $75.00
15"45.00 75.00 90.00
18"50.00 90.00 120.00
Freightn/a * $20.00 for special order parts *
Labor60.00 / hour
Labor with travel800.00 / day(plus expenses)
Testing15.00 / speaker(deducted from repairs)
Remove and replace5.00 / part
Minimum charge10.00

"PA" speaker pricing applies to high power edgewound voice coil drivers, for which parts cost more. If the parts cost less, the regular price will apply.

Some atypical drivers will cost more to refoam.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping will vary by weight, of course. I usually use UPS Ground. The ordering instructions explain this cost in more detail.

International customers, please read this.

* * *
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Prices can change and specifications will improve without notice